Liz Weston on … getting on with it.

Liz Weston is a business owner, entrepreneur and is getting on with it

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When times are difficult – whether it’s in the business, at home, or in your own head, you know what you have to do, don’t you? Get on with it. A couple of things I’ve learnt since becoming self employed and then, a business owner…….

If someone is, shock, horror, saying things about you that you feel are not warranted – ignore it. Get on with it. Spend your time doing things that will outshine the comments that have probably come to you third hand and are not 100% accurate.

If your home life is impacting on your business, accept it, and do the best you can despite this. And make up the time when people are asleep, watching TV or napping. Don’t let it absorb your outlook for the entire day.  If you are a mum with kids, ask someone to have the children for 3 hours – do a swap! Then you get something done if all else is failing.

If your head is messing with your ability to manage your business either get someone to help you with your head, or, to help you run your business whilst you sort your head out.

I know that there will be so many people reading this and saying “yes but….” Don’t say yes but… just get on with it. We all have times where we are up and down in being business owners. I do. But I have things in place to make sure that when it’s a down time, I have a network of people to call on for help, to share my concerns with and laugh at the absurdity of things which today, seem HUGE news but in reality, will be tomorrow’s fish and chip paper.

When I look back at the time that I started out in business, I am amazed at how much time I’ve spent thinking about how different scenario’s could play out. I am amazed at how much I’ve taken to heart comments that come to me third hand. I am amazed at how I have allowed others to influence my thinking. It’s like becoming a parent – you can’t explain it until you’ve done it. Here’s hoping that this post helps someone to make that progress quicker, and sees the benefits of it.

And on the other hand, if someone asks you for help, to enable them to get on with it, please go out of your way to help them. They will really appreciate it.

Are you getting on with it? How are you doing it?



Liz Weston on the power of being personal

So after voicing my frustrations with people over sharing on social media yesterday, now I’m waxing lyrical about the power of being personal in your communications with people. We’ve just sent out 67 emails, all on the same topic. We could have done a mass email, but instead, we’ve done individual ones, tailored them to the people we’ve written to and shared our experiences with them because we’ve done the same thing as them previously.

It’s for a client, so I can’t share more than that. But what I do want to tell you is that of those 67 invitations – we’ve already had more than 10 replies. I am really pleased with this. It shows that our research and taking the time to write to them all personally, has had a really good effect. And we want to work with them, on behalf of our client for the long term, so it was really important to get this first bit right.

Sharing your experience – your highs and lows in a previous role, that the reader is participating in or experiencing themselves at that point is a good thing. It’s about empathy, transparency and supporting people in the work they do. We’re about to add a small admin job to their work, so it’s good to start off as best we can together with them.

Anyway, was going to have an early night but replying to the emails, answering queries and  being available to the people who’ve replied has taken me up until now. Fingers crossed there will be lots more in the next 48 hours….


Liz Weston on “over sharing” when you are online.

This is my blog, so I get to express my personal opinion. You are welcome to disagree, share or whatever you like but I get to go first….

I can’t decide if I think it’s acceptable, when you are online, to think it’s a place where you can share your distress, woes or negativity about something. And on the whole, I think that it is a bad idea. I used to write emotionally charged statuses when I felt short changed or hard done by. But really, aren’t they just a bit, well, inappropriate? Or showing that you are upset/offended/wounded by what someone has said/done/written? And people just talk about the status or tweet and wonder if they’ve not got more profitable things to be doing with their time.

But then, as usual, there are going to be exceptions aren’t there?

1. If you are raising money for someone who is poorly, or who has sadly died and are fundraising in their memory.
2. If you are explaining why you can’t do your work.
3. ???

I’m sure that there must be instances which are OK to share emotional, hurt, wounded stuff in your personal and professional life, I just can’t think of them.  So what do you think? Is it acceptable to “share” online?