Liz Weston on… Questions for Rachel Elnaugh

On Tuesday night – the 27 March, I’m going to the Business Studio’s event in Saffron Walden where the speaker will be Rachel Elnaugh. I’m interested to go for several reasons.

1. To see how different she is to the image portrayed in the media. When someone’s been villified in the press, it can make them subsequently cautious in public. But something tells me she’ll be more forthright than that. .

2. To see how people act towards her – I have made assumptions about who will be sycophantic, who will be ultra cool and who’ll be too nervous to ask a question. I want to see if my assumptions are correct.

3. To see what she actually talks about – will she go into a big sales pitch for her other projects. Will she want people to buy her mentoring, to attend the big om (??) or to subscribe to her 100 day thing?

It’s funny, because I can’t remember why, but she said something a couple of years ago and I got really annoyed by it. I’m worried in case I don’t like what she says. But there’s nothing I love more than being wrong and I’ll report that in my blog about the night which will be live on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

What I really need help with, is thinking of interesting questions to ask her. I kick myself because I always think of my questions 48 hours after the fact, so if you can think of anything, please let me know so I can ask on your behalf! And make myself look cognisant at the same time :)

If you’d like to go, check out the Business Studio website to book a ticket. Please tweet me @TheLizWeston if you are going, so I can meet up with you when we’re there :)



Liz Weston on … taking too much time to think…

I confess, I’m taking too long thinking and digesting everything from the Learning Journey. My comrades and fellow learners have been quicker off the mark though, so please go and check out the following blogs and reviews from our tour of Silicon Valley…

James Tweed – a fabulous summary of the different businesses we visited

Jim Clarke – photos, quotes and quick blogs

Michael “Marple Leaf” Taylor – blogs and videos live as we toured Silicon Valley

One of the reasons I’m not putting content out on here is because I’m speaking next week at Cam Creatives and am busy prepping for that. But as well, I’ve been snowed under since we got back, so that’s another reason. Somtimes, you’ve just got to get your head down and get on with it :)

Have a good weekend!

Liz Weston on… not being able to go back to “how it was”…

That blooming #LearningJourney - I won’t be able to go back to work “as usual”.

Why? Because it’s fundamentally changed my outlook on work as an activity in its own right. This is the thing with “training” isn’t it? It either leaves you with so many things to consider that you feel that it all has to be done before you resume the activity of earning money itself or, that there’s been no tangible outcomes! There’s rarely something in the middle!!!

Thankfully, it’s the former, for me. From a practical perspective,I’ve got at least 28 blog posts bubbling away, waiting to be written from the #LearningJourney. And experience tells me I need to get them written up pronto tonto or I won’t remember them when I want to. So that’s one job stopping me getting back to “work” straight away, if nothing else!

But business isn’t like that. I can’t just stop everything to think – our clients need their work doing, so I’m going to set myself a couple of hours each day this week, to make headway. What are you going to do this week, that’s different for / in your business?


Liz Weston on … #LearningJourney – the weekend

This is my business related blog. If you want to see my updates from a personal perspective – about the quality of the toiletries and shopping – please visit Liz Weston – Cambridge Mummy

My learning points from the weekend are:

1. that business and life in general is what you make of it
2. that we’re in more control than we think we are
3. that human beings are a varied bunch.

I don’t have the time – as it’s 6.30am, Monday morning as I write, to explain all of this, but I will when I get back! It’s funny that I’ve come all the way to San Francsisco, to be reminded of the one thing I’m going to write about today, but it’s important to me, so figured someone else may be interested in it.

E is 5. He’s just learning that one word can mean two different things. Or that two different words can apply to the same item – whiteboard / screen was the new one last week and phonics / letter work. Someone on the trip told me they’d just starting blogging and they are using tumblr, which confused me.

When I refer to blogging I think of wordpress or blogger – tumblr isn’t a blog for me – it’s a halfway house between twitter and a wordpress blog. It is beautiful thing – I love that you can post pictures, videos, quotes and all sorts of stuff uber easily from an app on your phone. Perfect. It really is. Except that it’s not easy for people to comment on your output, because they have to have an account and quite a few people don’t have an account, so there’s no real engagement. And blogging is all about engagement – getting feedback, opinion – whether it’s in the form of a photo, comment or audio link – it’s engagement!! So once I twigged this about tumblr, I stopped blogging on there and that’s how this blog started!

So today’s lesson is that one word can mean more than one thing. And that two different words, can apply to the same thing, entity, emotion or activity. Even if you’re both speaking the same language, you aren’t necessarily speaking the *same* language at all. We should not assume that someone using the same word as us, is referring to the same thing as we are.

PS. Starbucks. I love you. Your free wifi and opening at 5am rocks!!!

Liz Weston on … recognition as a Familypreneur by Sainbury’s

This is a short blog post, to essentially direct you to another blog post, if that makes sense, because I don’t want to duplicate my content online… It’s a good one though, and I’m really pleased with it. Not least because Sainsbury’s are know for doing good stuff in the family market, especially online. This is not a sponsored post, there’s no prize – it’s just being chosen, without applying, that’s made this something that’s made us so happy in the office this afternoon…

Liz Weston - social media, entrepreneur, public relations, media and marketing type

Without further ado, here’s the link to Liz Weston, Sainsbury’s Familypreneur :)

Liz Weston on … why I’m going on a #LearningJourney

One of the reasons why I’m going on a #LearningJourney is represented by the image below. It’s a granny. And she’s wearing purple. She looks all soft and fluffy but she’s actually made of strong stuff. Her core is made of wood, for a start ;)

I’ve deliberated over sharing this post online because I don’t want people to think me soft, or not made of strong stuff myself. But the truth is that I think there is a place for being up front about what inspires and motivates you.

This small, but perfectly formed granny reminds me of my own mum. (And my dad, but I didn’t get a grandad in the post, just the granny). So she’s going with me to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, to remind me of my parents who are one of the reasons why I’m going.

My parents are some of my biggest and best supporters of my decision to become self employed, to build a big office in our garden, to get out of my comfort zone, to take risks and to make the most of the opportunities that come my way. This trip is a perfect example of me doing many of those things – going out of my comfort zone, taking risks and making the most of opportunities.

So when you see the Granny popping up in the photos I take on the #LearningJourney, you’ll know why :) See, it’s good to share!

Liz Weston on… going on a journey

This time tomorrow, I’ll be packing my suitcase, ready to fly to California. Why? To go to San Francisco and specifically Silicon Valley to meet top bods from Google, LinkedIn, Whipsaw, DPR Construction, Bridgebank, Berkeley University, Obscura Digital,, Stanford University, Keiretsu Forum and Plantronics.

Some of them are household names. Some aren’t. But I think I’m going to learn as much from the lesser known names as the big ones. Something tells me that they are on the list for a *reason* :)

I will do my best to blog about different aspects of the trip – the practicalities, the people I’m travelling with, the people we meet and the businesses and institutions we are exposed to.

If you want to keep track of my tweets about my experience over the next week, check me out on twitter @TheLizWeston – I’ll use #LearningJourney wherever possible and hope that although I’ll be travelling out there solo, I’ll be able to share as much of it as possible with everyone who would like to be with me, but isn’t for this particular trip.