Liz Weston on … #LearningJourney – the weekend

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My learning points from the weekend are:

1. that business and life in general is what you make of it
2. that we’re in more control than we think we are
3. that human beings are a varied bunch.

I don’t have the time – as it’s 6.30am, Monday morning as I write, to explain all of this, but I will when I get back! It’s funny that I’ve come all the way to San Francsisco, to be reminded of the one thing I’m going to write about today, but it’s important to me, so figured someone else may be interested in it.

E is 5. He’s just learning that one word can mean two different things. Or that two different words can apply to the same item – whiteboard / screen was the new one last week and phonics / letter work. Someone on the trip told me they’d just starting blogging and they are using tumblr, which confused me.

When I refer to blogging I think of wordpress or blogger – tumblr isn’t a blog for me – it’s a halfway house between twitter and a wordpress blog. It is beautiful thing – I love that you can post pictures, videos, quotes and all sorts of stuff uber easily from an app on your phone. Perfect. It really is. Except that it’s not easy for people to comment on your output, because they have to have an account and quite a few people don’t have an account, so there’s no real engagement. And blogging is all about engagement – getting feedback, opinion – whether it’s in the form of a photo, comment or audio link – it’s engagement!! So once I twigged this about tumblr, I stopped blogging on there and that’s how this blog started!

So today’s lesson is that one word can mean more than one thing. And that two different words, can apply to the same thing, entity, emotion or activity. Even if you’re both speaking the same language, you aren’t necessarily speaking the *same* language at all. We should not assume that someone using the same word as us, is referring to the same thing as we are.

PS. Starbucks. I love you. Your free wifi and opening at 5am rocks!!!

  • Ann Hawkins

    I guess its more about being reminded than learning but those essential, basic truths apply wherever we are. Hope you learn some new stuff too! Can’t wait to see the Calvin Klein jacket :) 

  • Berniejmitchell

    Looking forward to catching up about the San Fan #learningjourney! Also glad to read ”
    that we’re in more control than we think we are” ;-) Phew!