Liz Weston on… not being able to go back to “how it was”…

That blooming #LearningJourney - I won’t be able to go back to work “as usual”.

Why? Because it’s fundamentally changed my outlook on work as an activity in its own right. This is the thing with “training” isn’t it? It either leaves you with so many things to consider that you feel that it all has to be done before you resume the activity of earning money itself or, that there’s been no tangible outcomes! There’s rarely something in the middle!!!

Thankfully, it’s the former, for me. From a practical perspective,I’ve got at least 28 blog posts bubbling away, waiting to be written from the #LearningJourney. And experience tells me I need to get them written up pronto tonto or I won’t remember them when I want to. So that’s one job stopping me getting back to “work” straight away, if nothing else!

But business isn’t like that. I can’t just stop everything to think – our clients need their work doing, so I’m going to set myself a couple of hours each day this week, to make headway. What are you going to do this week, that’s different for / in your business?