Liz Weston on … taking too much time to think…

I confess, I’m taking too long thinking and digesting everything from the Learning Journey. My comrades and fellow learners have been quicker off the mark though, so please go and check out the following blogs and reviews from our tour of Silicon Valley…

James Tweed – a fabulous summary of the different businesses we visited

Jim Clarke – photos, quotes and quick blogs

Michael “Marple Leaf” Taylor – blogs and videos live as we toured Silicon Valley

One of the reasons I’m not putting content out on here is because I’m speaking next week at Cam Creatives and am busy prepping for that. But as well, I’ve been snowed under since we got back, so that’s another reason. Somtimes, you’ve just got to get your head down and get on with it :)

Have a good weekend!

  • Ann Hawkins

    Not what you intended I’m sure Liz, but what I learned from these blogs is that presentation is as important as content. Faced with a page of small grey text my immediate instinct is to click away. Even when there are pictures, where are the headlines, the quotes, the stuff we scan to see if we want to go back and read the rest? 
    You made the right decision to ditch Tumblr btw and Blogger can’t hold a candle to WordPress.
    Looking forward to your usual high standard of engaging blogs that catch our attention and draw us in to read engaging content! (No pressure)
    I’m also looking forward to hearing you present your #LearningJourney outcomes to as many groups as possible!