Liz Weston on… embracing competition

The lesson from Liz Weston today, on 1 April 2012, is not April Fool’s related. It’s simple. Don’t worry about your competition. Let them worry about themselves. I know this is a big thing to say – there’s monitoring, and worrying. They are different. Be the bigger business – morally, productively and then the financial aspect will take care of itself. Why am I writing this? Because I just came across this brilliant advert, from Apple, welcoming IBM to the personal computer market. It’s brilliant. And says everything I want to, but better. But that’s what Apple does every time, isn’t it? Enjoy.

Liz Weston social media, pr and communications voyeur, loves this apple advert welcoming IBM to the computer market

What do you think of this advert?

  • Ann Hawkins

    Wonderful! And so are you for recognising that fundamental values are the most important thing to have in your business. As you say, its good to monitor the competition but never to worry about it. 
    The best way to stay ahead of competitors is to keep innovating. If they’re copying you they’ll always be a step behind – that’s why Apple is so magnanimous. Who innovates better than they do?  
    Keep looking ahead, never over your shoulder!

  • Janet

    When was that ad actually published? It’s brilliant