About Liz Weston

This all sounds vain, doesn’t it? “About Liz Weston”!! But you’re here so I’ll share anyway.

I’m Liz Weston – entrepreneur and voyeur of all things social media, pr – public relations, marketing, communications, publishing, networking and web related. This isn’t a keyworded post – it’s fairly straight forward.

This blog is my opportunity to share links, resources and my opinion on all things business related.

If you’re looking for social media, public relations or marketing and comms commentary, try the Weston Communications blog / @WestonCommsHQ
If you’re looking for all things baby show related, for all the baby shows across the UK, try the UK Baby Shows blog / @UKBabyShows
If you’re looking for anything relating to our work with the NHS, try the new baby guides blog / @newbabyguides
And finally, if you want to find my personal commentary on life – as a bird making her way in the world, you can visit cambridgemummy 

PS. This page isn’t finished yet, but I thought it would be good to put something out there, so you can find all the contributions of myself and my team, online.  Enjoy :) And tell me what else I need to add in here please!